Our story

creating exceptional value for kamado users

During the 2020s Pandemic, while stuck at our homes we smoked and grilled a dozen times more often than ever before. Our kitchen experiments smoothly moved from kitchen to terrace, where Kamado was the King. Therefore, in every day’s grilling we understood that Kamado is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for our culinary masterpiece to become true. Someone from grilling community members even joked that selling Kamado without the table should be illegal. Being entrepreneurs in manufacturing, we took that really serious.

As well as the rest kamado users, we suffered a few limitations. First, we used to travel miles of culinary journey from home kitchen to patio back and forth. Second, our spacious kamado accessories used to be scattered all around. Third, neat freaks used to spend weeks and thousands to custom build kamado tables so they could post stories without much photo editing. Surprisingly, these limitations were accepted as facts of delicious life.

We stepped to remove these limitations to bring exceptional value for the grilling and smoking communities.

We considered that this table should be no worse than homemade table, created by a skilled craftsman or a family person, so we decided that this would be the most sophisticated outdoor item you have. Our decision was clear – the table must be as durable as Kamado itself. This is what we acquire for decades and what we write at will. Of course, the table should have everything that a griller might need. When new demands in the future arise, the table will easily accept all these future accessories (send your request of needs).

When we developed our first prototype after 3 months of hard work, it was nothing like a table. It looked more like kitchen island, on wheels. We named it a KamadoSpace – an outdoor furniture that expands grilling boundaries in terms of both physical effective space around kamado, and emotional kit of freedom, comfort and taking joy in the process.

KamadoSpace is created to subordinate to home chefs around juicy, smoky world of barbecue. That is why we decided to create the product from components, easily attached to each other and comfortably packed in flat boxes for convenient transportation around the world. At the same time – we created the invention to cheer families up – there is nothing better than to assemble KamadoSpace like a constructor. When you move in to your new home – KamadoSpace will follow you, right?

KamadoSpace products are manufactured in two facilities in Lithuania, EU, ranked 11th globally in the 2020 Ease of Doing Business Ranking. Our company has over 150 employees and a few robots working in these factories that are ready to ensure stock availability to our dealers worldwide.

By the way, after a few KamadoSpace testing sessions engineers, our bottle-neck resources, became addicted to grilling and smoking. Now they officially spend evenings and weekends working with the product, generating more R&D ideas than it is possible to complete during working hours. The R&D backlog is growing so fast, that the only way to stop it is to make engineers vegetarians. Subscribe to our newsletter to be prompted as soon as ideas become end-products that remove yet another limitation.

Work in progress

see how KamadoSpace is being manufactured